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No invention has had as much influence on the development and growth of the industry worldwide than conveyor systems. 

Industrial conveyors, though not the most glamorous machines, have fueled advancements and profits for businesses across the industrial spectrum.

By looking at all the different fields that have been affected by the invention and development of industrial conveyor systems, we can see just how large a mark they have left in the world. And with technological advancements such as AI and the incorporation of the Internet of Things, the impact and abilities of conveyor systems will only grow in the future.

Industrial conveyor systems: A Brief Selection of Improved Industries

Writing out every single industry that has benefitted from the use of industrial material handling equipment would be a fool’s errand—there are simply too many. Here, though, is a sampling of industries that have been indelibly affected by conveyors.

The Automotive Industry

Mass production and the automotive industry have gone hand-in-hand since Henry Ford. Without automated conveyor systems, the modern car manufacturing process would be all but impossible. Conveyors move production materials from robotic construction equipment to human workers smoothly and efficiently.

The Food Processing Industry

From prepackaged snack cakes to granola bars to all your favorite spices, conveyors play an integral part in getting your food to you. Food industry conveyors carry their loads through all stages of preparation, through packaging, and out to ship to the stores that sell them.

The Air Travel Industry

Conveyor systems are all over airports. From lightweight conveyors at baggage claims to the more complex systems that bring your luggage from check-in to the baggage handlers that will put your bags on the plane they are meant to be on, conveyors make the high volume of air traffic in this country and around the world possible.

The Publishing Industry

Publishing newspapers and/or binding books requires significant industrial mechanical equipment. And as anyone who has helped a bibliophile move can tell you, books get very heavy very quickly. Specialized conveyor systems are needed to move the large quantities of pages and bindings through the printing process.

The Logistics Industry

Shipping concerns have benefited greatly from advances to conveyor systems. Three-dimensional industrial conveyor systems can assist human workers with sorting, storing, and transporting packages in warehouses and distribution centers.

Warehouses and Storage Facilities

In a similar vein, warehouses and storage facilities operate much more efficiently with a high-quality conveyor system. With assistance from robotic workers that augment industrial conveyors, the process of sorting, picking, and moving materials in warehouses has never been safer for the human team members on the ground.

The Manufacturing Industry

Automotive manufacturing isn’t the only industry using conveyors. Systems of product conveyors are essential to every type of manufacturing because they keep production lines going and allow for more ergonomically correct positioning for the people working the production line. After all—it’s a lot easier to let materials come to you than to constantly move from item to item.

More Than a Belt

The misconception about conveyor systems is that they are just some connected belts. While conveyor belts are a big part of any conveyor system, there is a variety among types of belt, how they operate, and how they are interconnected—with lifters/rotators, tilts, and even reciprocating vertical conveyors adding depth to the capabilities of a conveyor system.

Because of the variety and customizability of conveyor systems, industrial conveyor manufacturers can create a system designed to maximize efficiency and productivity for your business.

Reach out to a consultant today to see how a modern, technologically advanced industrial conveyor system can take your company to the next level.

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